OC Project: Jason King

Jay is my favorite of all my OCs. I find him the most fun to write and his backstory is very fun and interesting for me.

I won’t give his whole story since it’d take too long, but basically he’s a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was a sniper alongside Ethan Riley, who became Jay’s best friend in boot camp. Ethan did most of the spotting while Jay did most of the shooting.

During a mission, they managed to overlook an IED in their hide, and the building exploded. Ethan died and Jay was severely injured; his arm had to be amputated on scene.

He keeps a journal that was originally for recording his dreams. It’s very important to him, and is meant to help control his PTSD.

And Kila requested her character as a taur so have her too~!

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It’s apparently ‘draw a centaur’ day so I drew a huntress elk \ovo/

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I really felt like doing another design comparison so this time I did one for one of my first/favorite OCs!

Jenna Elk was originally made as a sort of self insert some time around 2004, and the first image reflects the very first design she ever had, which was p much a Flannery recolor. She was 16 to start with, so I compared that design to my current version of 16-year-old Jenna.

Another important age in Jenna’s story has always been 21-ish, and I first started using her around that age somewhere around 2007. She was a lot angstier back then. The present design for the same age is much more similar to her 16-year-old self, because she’s meant to remain very child-like well into adulthood and she’s still very similar to how she was when she was 16. Before, 16 year old Jenna (who looked mostly like my present version in 2007, just a bit meaner) grew up into something drastically different, darker, and edgier, and that’s p lame.

Idk what was up with me and tube tops but I’m glad I cut that out lmao

You can tell from the images that her personality evolved a LOT as well, even more so than her design, but there is wayyy too much to describe of that, so I’ll leave it at face value.

Tried painting again. Not really happy with it though- can’t get it to look sharp enough.

commissions from FA

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took a few requests on FA cause I was bored and wanted the extra exposure by doing more art for more people so

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Finally decided to make a proper commission graphic.

Full view here

Other types of commissions are also available, such as chibis and reference sheets. Chibis start at colored sketch prices, reference sheets start at painting prices. Prices will vary on difficulty of the commission.

I draw humans, anthros, animals, monsters, etc. I accept NSFW commissions.

I have the right to reject your commission if I’m not comfortable with drawing it.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at any of the provided addresses.

Paint me like one of your satyr girls

THIS IS TASTEFUL NUDITY so I’m gonna post this here too because I really like how it came out lmao

This is my OC Iris the deer satyress btw she has a cute goat satyress gf

Another commission

These are a bit tiring but I think I’m finally solidifying the style

BTW: Headshots like this with this amount of complexity are $10 until April 12. so, the average furry headshot, $10 for a limited time.