Background is not mine it is literally a screenshot of Final Destination

Decided to do a special for the SSB hype! Get a SSB-themed drawing for $15 + $5 for extra characters (up to 4 characters) and a free background for a limited time only.

Backgrounds will be painted by me not just screenshots

An example would be your characters dressed up as SSB characters fighting on a stage of your choice, like this one. Characters will be portrayed as equally matched unless you specify which one should be winning. Be sure to specify which fighter your character would be dressed as and which stage you want. Single characters are fine too as long as you specify what you want them to be doing.

Send me an ask or fanmail if interested!

commission for shinysentrets

Commission for aservantnamedketchup

Sibling bonding hooray!! umbreon and espeon cuddling is like the only thing i know how to draw

[Commission info here]

sketch page commission from FA

[commission info here]

a nerd got me a replacement 3ds and a copy of smash with it and i think i found one of my new mains

so my 3DS and all my 3DS/DS games got stolen along with my backpack while I was taking the LSAT two weeks ago and that’s pretty shitty and I want to start replacing them but a more pressing matter is starting that I need to begin to address now before it’s a bit late

My 2 1/2 year old toshitba laptop is about to fall on its last leg, and I need to start saving up to replace it. I have a desktop built for gaming as well as this laptop, but the only thing it’s good for is gaming, because it’s not portable enough for me to take to college with me, and my bad neck prevents me from sitting at a desk to draw. So it’s kinda useless as far as anything practical goes.

I’m looking into some good laptops under $500, but that’s still a lot of money I don’t have. If I want a decent processor AND a decent battery life, I may be looking into a higher price tag, but right now my saving goal is $500. Any money I’ve made for video games in the past few weeks is going to this now. (Edit: Found a good deal on a pretty good laptop. Price is looking like $580.)

To help give some incentive to donate to this cause, I’m offering a buy-one-get-one-50%-off** sale on commissions. Streams or stream recordings can also be made available upon request at no extra charge, but if you want a stream, you’ll have to say so and give me times you’re available or if you just want a recording to watch later.

**If you buy two commissions of different prices, the more expensive one will be full price and the less expensive one will be half off, to make it more fair to me.

Again, thank you for your patience with me and any help you decide to give.

drew a bunch of pokemon requested by my friends

kinda lazy because i forgot i have class at 2 and i still haven’t eaten whoops

anyway have a demon sparx to celebrate october and my mood lately

Magma Admin Sara Crenshaw would like to— put down the knife please

On paper, her job is listed as “interrogator”, but she’s known for having a little too much fun with her work. Not even the boss likes to risk getting on her bad side.