These are commissions for my Iron Artist Challenge. If you’d like to buy a $3 chibi as part of this challenge, please check the information here:

this is 1 second 12 milliseconds and it’s 15 fucking frames I am so full of regret and I have 13 seconds to go

on the bright side I may have a new best animation by the end

Design update for Magma Admin Cyrus Rudmann. His outfit’s pretty basic so not much changed.

OC Project feat. Barkeep (Thomas Jeffrey Washington)

A bartender (who’d’ve thought?) somewhere in the general NYC suburb area. After a traumatic head injury, he lost all memory of his past and identity, and ended up running away and getting employed by an elderly bartender, whose bar he ended up taking over when the man retired.

He loves to tell ridiculous stories about himself and convince others that they actually happened, but his continuity is awful. It seems that the common themes in his stories are his imaginary best friend (a kangaroo) and arch nemesis (a wallaby). The significance of this is unclear.

If you give him pretzels he will love you forever. If you talk to him in the first place he will instantly consider you his friend, so.

some class doodles

I haven’t been drawing much for myself lately so I treated myself to some simple sketches of various types of my favorite emotion to portray

I might do more sets like this as a stress relief idk if they’re exciting enough to keep publishing tho lmao

get this piece of shit disappointment out of my face I am DONE

praise be to starclan the part that takes the longest is over

SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG WITH THIS ALLI I’m having the worst luck with health but now that the pencils are done I can zoom through the rest

expect many flower things going on but it’s hard to show what the effects will look like in a pencil test without any green screen or backgrounds lmao

OC Project ft. Aqua Admin Heather Renée Covington

She’s not very smart, but she’s got savoir-faire to make up for it. She won’t take crap from anybody, and is notorious for low blows if you get on her nerves. She’s immune to compliments and sweet nothings, so don’t even bother- she already has a pretty long shit list. In fact, you’re probably automatically on her shit list and you’ll need to do something particularly spectacular to get off it.

Nearing 500 followers. Thank you! I’m planning a small giveaway once I get there as a thank you. More details will come then.

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